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A little more about the design and why the subject is important to me 🙏

It will be 15 years in April since I lost my dad to suicide, and 13 years since I lost a wonderful friend Luke in the same way. Both were very different circumstances and ages. For this I personally know that suicide is not black and white and do not believe it is neither right or wrong. I coped through the early years of grief with addiction and humour, not a recommendation. I still now use humour but my addiction has transformed into addiction to work. Still not the healthiest but certainly better than substance.The very same morning I was told of Luke's death, I'd had laser eye treatment and they'd advised me not to cry. Imagine that for a jokingly twisted choice in timing. I have never completed therapy, but want to. I have seen incredible changes in my sister after doing so ( would highly recommend ). Speaking out or talking things through no matter how big or small is something I find so useful. So when I contemplate how alone my dad and Luke must have been in their choice my heart breaks.This is why £10 of each shirt sold will go to the Ben Reamers Foundation A foundation built by the skateboarding community to maintain the legacy of a valued and loved member, raise awareness, provide a safe space to talk about mental health and learn skills to support each other and in turn preventing suicide. The website is a useful and easy to use resource for anybody entangled in with struggles of suicide.The text on the shirt are lyrics taken from an Alabama 3 song. This was the last band ever my dad chose to listen to. His physical health meant he could no longer enjoy dancing. For me the design draws a big fat circle around the reminder to live while you are able and dance if your legs are healthy! '..

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