Mary Naylor


Born, 1988

Mary Naylor studied graphic design at LJMU, Liverpool. She works in a variety of mediums and subjects, and has exhibited in and around the northwest of England for almost two decades. Work in permanent collections can be viewed at  The Jane Eyre (UK),  Henry C (UK), Gimbals (UK), Ply (UK), MothershipNYC (USA), The Cactus (UK), The Fig Tree Art Centre, (UK)

 Her artistic practice was accidentally allocated a bigger space, along with more importance during the 2020 pandemic. What was once considered an unstable income, shifted dramatically into an enjoyable lifeline; a career constructed from independence, and freedom to move. This she did; First away from the city, and second on trips through South and Central America.  Influenced by the painters she worked with there, and the interactions they had with their own community gave her the desire to work with hers back home. After completing an artist residency in Brooklyn (USA) with MothershipNYC , Mary returned to the U.K to be with her family and begin projects within her immediate communities. Hosting workshops and interactive exhibits, she hopes to inspire and share the benefits spending time in creative environments produce.

 She is currently living and working between Scarborough  and Greater Manchester.

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