Mary Naylor, a British artist born in 1988, Studied Graphic Design at LJMU in Liverpool. Although she uses digital skills for illustration, she recently found a deep appreciation for projects involving physical interaction devoid of technology, focusing on human connection. A transformative experience in Colombia, where she collaborated with muralists, broadened her artistic perspective, emphasising the power of art in fostering connections across language, culture, and other barriers.

Returning to the U.K., Mary integrated interactive murals and workshops into her exhibits, aiming to engage her immediate communities and share the therapeutic benefits of creative environments. She became an associate member of Ebor Studios in Littleborough, utilizing it as a platform for her transition. Over nearly two decades, Mary's vibrant achievements and exhibits have spanned various venues, including sharing space with renowned Musicians like Jeru The Damaja in Antwerp Mansion (Mcr)  in 2012 and speaking about her practice at The Last Frontier (NYC) in 2023.

In January, she participated in the inaugural R100 Studio x Foxhouse Artist Residency in Barcelona, where she explored an emergent medium, directing a short documentary titled "Share in the Mess," which focused on the inner critic. Currently, her work is featured in the Manchester Open at HOME, with pieces also residing in permanent collections worldwide, including MothershipNYC (USA), Lavamoa Tumba (Colombia), and various locations in the UK.

Based between Scarborough and Greater Manchester, Mary's diverse portfolio includes portraits, T-shirt designs, digitally illustrated prints, collages, textile pieces, and jewellery made from discarded waste. Her creations are available on her online store, and starting from March 2024, her postcards and prints will be stocked at Dexters Surf Shop in Scarborough's North Bay. Mary Naylor continues to explore the theme of connection through her art, fostering meaningful interactions and engagements within her communities.

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