Relax into drawing workshop, 2022

I hosted this workshop as part of the Littleborough Arts Festival 2022. It took place within Gallery Frank during my Solo Exhibition ‘Unfolding Thoughts.’ 

Paint by numbers mural, 2022

This is an interactive mural I hosted during my Solo Exhibit ‘Unfolding Thoughts’ This went down better than expected. 

Family Story Trail - Littleborough Art Festival, 2021

The Creeping Toad guided the little local Littleborough Spuds through Tales of Underwater Adventures and Fantastical creatures in Hare Hill Park which was adorned with magical-themed artwork and creatures made by us Ebor Artists

My work was a Sea Serpent made from recycled crisp packets and plaited fabric

Sally The Siberian Tiger, 2014

Extinction workshop and animation collab with AED Initiative commissioned by Lewis Street Primary School, Eccles (UK

Sally The Siberian Tiger´ is a stop motion animation produced by Lewis Street Primary School pupils  during a  multimedia educational project,  Designed and facilitated by myself in collaboration with AED initiative and the school.

The pupils  learned about endangered animals and took part in discussions on environmental issues.  Focusing in particular on the negative impact  humans have on surrounding wildlife.

 In response to this they built and wrote a narrative concerning a Siberian Tiger living in the wild. Afterwards we painted a giant tiger to illustrate the story and recorded the pupils reading it allowed.

This project covered a numerous amount of developmental activities nourishing new skill sets.

Pair work and team work for social skills

Art and design  for self expressionidea development and communication skills

Discussion for listeningspeaking and research skills

Public speaking  for confidence 

I created the animation myself, If I were to do this project again I would love to have the students take part in the final animation. I really feel seeing an idea completely realized is a great source of inspiration and encouragement for future challenges.

Mindful Recycling workshop collab the Owl and the Coconut for Levenshulme Youth Group, 2018

  Together with The Owl and The Coconut we provided Levenshulme Youth Group with a workshop that covered a range of topics like as recycling and self care. Encouraging personal wellness and community pride.

The Owl and The Coconut are a Manchester organization that promotes and distributes mindful art tools and resources to enable people to be active partners in their own emotional wellbeing

 Throughout the project the young people engaged with each other and the local community using different activities such as litter picking, meditation, mindfulness, art. Combining all of these  ideas together and taking part in creative solutions  from start to finish encouraged  a sense pride in themselves and their environment, nourishing positive thought and behavior.

Agua , Tierra Bomba, 2019

The last month I spent in Colombia was on the island of Tierra Bomba.  I was taken almost back to where I had began four months earlier by my now good colombian friend and fellow artist Sebastian Villalba. 

The Island of Tierra Bomba is only a boat ride from the popular tourist destination of Cartagena. While it is as gorgeous and as welcoming as its inhabitants, It unfortunately lacks basic services. This situation and other social historical deficiencies affect the quality of life and education of the population. The lack of school attendance leaves children enough free time to do unproductive leisure activities and more than 50 of the population live in extreme poverty.

Amigos Del Mar Is a foundation set up in 2014 to help support children without family or financial support using different social and environmental projects and training in nautical sports for encouragement and focus. We were invited to stay with the foundation whilst  hosting a workshop for the children  and additionally creating a mural.

Paz a la calle, 2019

I was invited to contribute a portrait as part of a large mural. Which took place in the Santa Fé barrio of Bogotá. This was the final part of a project created to encourage the construction of community through workshops and appropriation of public space. This project was a collaboration between LAVAMOATUMBA and the Las Callejeras commissioned by by Alcaldía Mayor De Bogotá,  (COL)

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